I employ a panoply of art materials to create innovative paintings and surfaces.  My formal education was in the sciences, and then I worked creating faux finishes for many years.  My paintings combine the experiences gained working in these two fields.

I enjoy discovering traditional painting techniques, making my own paints and plasters, and applying patinas to metal.  Eventually, I began to work with Venetian plaster, both the traditional lime-based formulations as well as the newer synthetics, and was intrigued by the variety of effects I could create.  

The paintings, done on lightweight wood panels,  consist of dozens of layers of pigmented plaster that are rubbed back to reveal the underlying colors. Burnishing, sanding, and various concoctions (this is where the science degree comes in handy) change the qualities of the surface with respect to sheen, translucence, and color intensity.  The paintings appear to have a lot of texture, but are actually very smooth to the touch, like polished stone. 

My paintings can often be viewed in person at STUDIO Gallery in San Francisco, which Jennifer Farris and I opened in 2003 to show the work of local artists. I maintain a working studio at the Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco. The shipyard is a decommissioned naval base that is only open to the public twice a year for open studio events. Do a "contact me"  form if you would like to added to the mailing list.

I have created many different styles of art, both functional, such as floorcloths, mirror frames and painted furniture, and non-functional, such as a recycled skateboard with a brass duck head, and gilded structural additions ( I should look to see if I have a photo of that piece - it was pretty cool) over the course of my artistic career.  The current work is a culmination of the experience gained and methods learned.



STUDIO Gallery is located at 1641 Pacific Ave ( between Van Ness and Polk ) in San Francisco. The phone is 415 931 3130.